Expert Training

If you are looking for top-of-the line training from experienced professionals, Old Glory is the place for you! We take pride in providing the most up-to-date training experience at an affordable price. From basic firearms familiarization, advanced shooting techniques, Firearms Build classes, Tactical Emergency Casualty Care, CPR to Use of Force Classes, our training selection is vast.  Expand the course titles below to learn more about each course, view upcoming dates and register.

Available Training Courses

AR-15 Custom Build Class (8 hours)

Upcoming Dates

September 16, 2023
9 AM - 5 PM

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This program is strictly limited to a class size of 10 participants and will be held in our training classroom at 781 Fitchburg Rd. in Greenville N.H. (First come, first served basis).

This offering will focus on building your own custom AR-15 from the ground up and explain the details of how each part interacts and functions. It will highlight common mistakes made when building this type of firearm and how to avoid them. We will cover basic operational function, troubleshooting and proper function testing to ensure a safe and reliable weapon.

Photo of AR-15 Custom Build Class

At the completion of the training each registered participants will leave with a customized AR-15 rifle, one 30 round magazine, your choice of flip-up Iron Sights or 30mm Scope Mount, or both, (additional fee required) an Old Glory T-Shirt or hat, an Armorer's Mat and a special 5% discount on related AR-15 accessories. Plus the ability to purchase the tool kit used in your build. (additional fee required).

Lunch and refreshments will be served at no additional cost and all transfer fees are also included!

If you ever wanted the satisfaction of building a custom AR-15 rifle with your own two hands, while learning in an instructional and controlled environment, this is your chance!

The course is currently open to New Hampshire Residents only. All firearms will be built legally according to B.A.T.F. regulations and it is preferred that participants complete all necessary forms and receive an “approved” status through N.C.I.S. Any or all remaining fees must be paid in full prior to the day of the class.

Photo of AR-15 Custom Build Class

Tactical Emergency Casualty Care (8 hours)

Upcoming Dates

August 19, 2023
9 AM - 5 PM

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This class is based on the proven success of the military’s Tactical Combat Casualty Care Course. Utilizing the guidelines from the Committee of Tactical Emergency Casualty Care, we teach first responders and civilians the skills needed to survive or help others survive on the worst day of their lives!

Topics Covered:

  • Mental Mindset
  • Direct Threat Care
    • Tourniquets
    • Recovery Position
  • Indirect Threat Care
    • Treatment of Torso Injuries
    • Wound Packing
    • Impaled Objects
    • Evisceration
    • Shock
  • Casualty Evacuation
    • Various Casualty Movement Techniques
  • Post Event Mental Health
Basic Firearms Knowledge Course (4 hours)

Upcoming Dates

August 26, 2023
9 AM - 12 PM

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This class is designed to give basic firearms knowledge to beginners. Whether you are looking to purchase your first firearm or have questions / concerns about the ones you currently own this is the class for you.

Topics discussed:

  • Basic firearm safety
  • Reasons to own a firearm
  • Basic Firearm types & categories
  • How to choose the best firearm for me
  • Other considerations of ownership
  • My responsibility of ownership
  • Self defense with your firearms