Where Can I Find Firearm Suppressors?

Posted by oldglory on April 12, 2013

Suppressors, sometimes called ‘silencers’ are devices attached to the barrel of a firearm which reduces the noise and muzzle flash significantly by slowing the escape of gases caused by discharging the firearm due to vastly increased volume. (Usually 20 to 30 times). Although they are CALLED silencers, they are anything but silent. They were first created around the beginning of the 20th century, and had several designers. For a demonstration of suppressors, go to SLgunshop.com and look through our video collection. Old Glory Guns & Ammo has a great selection of suppressors, and can special order them. We are located at 443 Fitchburg Rd. in Mason, NH. We are very well versed in MA firearms sales, so if you live in Ma, we can still take care of you.

Hiram Maxim, an American inventor, is credited with the manufacture and sale of the fist models in 1902. This was right around the time that the ‘muffler’ was being invented by Maxim for combustion engines. The firearms industry frowns upon the term ‘silencer’ as it is not silenced. Suppressor is the favored term, as it is definitely suppressed. The movies like James Bond greatly exaggerate the effects of a silencer, and would make you believe they are just above a whisper. Just the projectile moving thru the air makes a fair amount of noise. Although it may be quiet at the point of impact, it is not so at the point of discharge (at the gun), nor is it if the bullet is a supersonic round, as you will hear the crack of it traveling by.  Suppressors are made up of machined metal cylinders, either Steel, titanium or aluminum and have expansion chambers with precision-made baffles inside, to ‘break up’ the flow of discharged gases. These are also referred to as ‘can’ suppressors.

Ownership in the United States is a bit tricky, as it all depends on your bylaws, as they are legal to possess in 39 US states. They are strictly regulated by the Federal government, and come with an added tax of $200 for a ‘tax stamp’. The Bureau of Alcohol, tobacco and firearms conducts the application process and does a criminal back ground check. If you are interested in a suppressor purchase, give us a call, or come on in. We can be reached at 603-878-2854.