Used guns for sale

Posted by oldglory on November 19, 2013

There are plenty of places to buy used guns, but you need to go about it safely and smartly. Now, there are pros and cons to purchasing used guns. First off, pricing comes to mind. There are many good used firearms out there that are only a fraction of what they were new. Quite often you can find a firearm that has only a couple hundred rounds through it at a $200 savings or more. The downfall is, you don’t know exactly how much wear it has or how well maintained the firearm actually was. The obvious, you’re not holding a brand-new gun.


Used guns in NH are plentiful, but you have to go through the right sources so as not to get burned. First off, the best way to go about purchasing a used gun is to buy from someone you trust. This way, you will know the exact history of the firearm and will probably save yourself a lot of headaches. Next, buy from a reputable dealer. We have been building a great reputation at Old Glory Guns & Ammo since 1998, and have a great selection of new and used guns. The number one thing you should not do is purchase firearms through the mail or Internet.


What should I look for?

There are a multitude of points that should be addressed when purchasing a used firearm. Use this guideline, and you should always have satisfactory results.

·         Take note of the general condition of the firearm. It should not have rust spots, pitting, or a lot of finish wear. The grips shouldn’t be all scratched, nor should the screws or the decocking mechanism. I’m not saying that the gun should show any wear, but it shouldn’t show abuse.

·         Take a look down the barrel, and the slide and inspect for any bulging or unusual wear. Never purchase a firearm that looks as though the barrel has any bulging.

·         Ask permission to dry fire a firearm. Although this won’t hurt most centerfire weapons, it is always proper etiquette to ask. Check the trigger pull for consistency. Also, cock the firearm and push against the handle with your thumb. It should stay firm and not release.

·         Check the condition of the grips. They should be in decent condition, and not all scratched up, cracked or chipped.

·         Raise the firearm to arms length as if you were about to shoot it. Take note of how it feels in your hand. Weight distribution, comfort, and grip size are all things to take into consideration.

·         When inspecting a semiautomatic, always make sure that the safety engages and works properly, as well as any magazine safety if the firearm is so equipped. Also make sure that the magazine release work properly.

·         Make sure all magazines are in good condition and that they are factory originals. Inspect the feed lips for damage, and look at the bottom of the magazine for evidence of drops. The last thing you need is for a magazine to fail.

While this isn’t a complete list of things to look for when purchasing used guns, it sure will get you started in the right direction. When purchasing used guns from a reputable dealer, all of these points should have already been inspected. You are more than welcome to stop in at Old Glory Guns & Ammo here in Mason, New Hampshire to check out our large selection of new and used firearms. We can be reached at 603-878-2854.