Searching for Holsters…

Posted by oldglory on March 12, 2014

Gun HolstersWalking into our store, there are plenty of things to catch your eye. SLGS has an incredible selection of Firearms, holsters and accessories for the shooting enthusiast. There are many different topics to cover, but today we will shed some light on Holsters.

More and more people are getting into concealed carry these days, so proper selection of your holster is almost as important as your firearm. Here are some guidelines in selecting a holster for carry.

When selecting a holster, you have to decide where it is comfortable on your body and where it is most concealable depending on the type of clothing you wear. The types of holsters are as follows:

  • shoulder holsters-this holster harnesses the firearm so that is near the armpit of the opposite arm that you use to draw with. With the good quality holster, you should not notice that your firearm is even there. A benefit to this type of holster is that you can wear a suit jacket with it and the holster will not be visible. These are highly customizable and very adjustable holsters.
  • Ankle holster – these holsters are generally for small frame firearms or ‘backup’ weapons to a larger frame carried somewhere else.
  • Inside the waistband holster- these typically offer more concealability keeping your weapon on your side, clipped to your belt. They are good when you’re wearing short jackets or lighter clothing. Galco makes some great IWB holsters.
  • Outside the waistband holster – these holsters are reliable, and are fairly comfortable. I personally prefer this type of carry, and I use a Don Hume holster.
  • Pocket Holster- These are good for very small firearms, and they offer the person wearing it the ability to look ‘natural’ reaching into their pocket for the weapon.
  • Small of the back Holster- This is another favorite of mine, as with a decent jacket on, nobody can tell you are carrying. It is usually a clip type, sitting on the belt, at the small of the back. Not the easiest to get to in a hurry.


There are also groin holsters, belly band holsters and others. As stated, it all depends on personal preference and comfort. Don’t let someone tell you that your firearm HAS to be ‘HERE’… it is different for everyone. Find what is comfortable for you! If you need any assistance, come on in, and we would be glad to help. We are located at 443 Fitchburg Rd, in Mason, NH..  We can be reached at 603-878-2854.