Attention: recall for Ammunition

Posted by oldglory on March 12, 2014

To all of our ammunition customers in NH,  we would like to inform you of an Ammunition recall. On January 26th, 2014, Olin Corporation, through its Winchester Division, has issued a recall on their M*22 Long Rifle Rimfire ammunition, with identification of the following:

Symbol Number: S22LRT

Lot Numbers: GD42L and GD52L

Ammunition in NHIf you have this ammo, DO NOT shoot it until you confirm it is NOT of this lot group. Winchester has determined the above lots of 22 Long Rifle rimfire ammunition may contain double powder charges. Ammunition with double powder charges may subject the shooter or bystanders to a risk of serious personal injury and/or death, or cause firearm damage, rendering the firearm inoperable. This information is located under the left ‘tuck flat’ on the boxes of ammo. Should you find that you have ammo from either of these lots, contact Winchester toll free at 866-423-5224, or visit their website at  For free UPS pickup of the recalled ammunition.

Old Glory Guns & Ammo wants you to exercise care and caution while shooting. Know your ammunition, and keep abreast of shooting news. Please pass this info on to your friends who may have this ammunition in NH.

Ammunition in NH is starting to near pre shortage supply. Manufacturers are slowly catching up on demand, and it is slowly becoming easier to find. Check in with us at Old Glory Guns & Ammo on your favorite calibers, as we are getting shipments every few days. If you have any ammo questions, or looking for a particular brand or weight, give us a call. If we don’t have it, we can get it. We can be reached at 603-878-2854.