Reasons To Get A Custom Firearm

Posted by oldglory on February 24, 2015

Gun shops in NH from Old GloryLet’s face it – one of the coolest things that can ever happen to your average gun-loving individual would be to one day own a custom firearm. By this I do not mean tricking out your favorite firearm with all kinds of mods and accessories from your local MA gun shop or NH gun shop, (even though that is also a truly worthwhile endeavor). No, I am talking about a fully custom crafted firearm designed specifically for you from the barrel to the shoulder stock. Ask any knowledgeable gun pro in any of the gun shops in NH and they will be sure to tell you that nothing beats a custom firearm.

So what, exactly, is it about custom firearms that makes them so great? The answer to this question is entirely up to you because these types of firearms are made especially for you! When it comes to what you can do when designing and commissioning a custom firearm, most NH gunsmiths will tell you that there is very little that you can’t do. So aside from the pride that comes with owning a custom-crafted showpiece-quality firearm, what other reasons do people have for getting custom guns?

The biggest reason, according to many gunsmiths in NH, is that custom firearms are usually of a higher quality, and thus are more reliable, than the off-the-shelf variety. Why is this? Simple: since each weapon is uniquely made, and not a product of mass production, the gunsmith will be taking the time to measure, check, test, and fire your custom firearm enough times to make sure that absolutely everything on the weapon is perfect with a degree of diligence and attention that is sure to far exceed that given to mass-produced firearms. When you want a gun that is sure to perform flawlessly each and every time you fire it, it is hard to beat a custom firearm from a trusted NH gunsmith.

Other reasons are many. Also to consider is the fact that a custom-crafted firearm will be built to match your exact body dimensions, which will lead to more comfortable shooting, and probably greater accuracy as well. Materials and craftsmanship are also big considerations, as most custom firearms designers are sure to use materials of much higher quality than most manufacturers do – and again, this is another aspect of the design which you, as the commissioner of the piece, will control. Not only does this mean that you can get a firearm which looks great, but you can also get one that is as heavy or as light as possible, simply by choosing the materials to be used in its construction.

All of these examples are some of the most popular reasons why true firearm aficionados choose to commission a custom firearm. Your reasons may differ, or they may be the same. Either way, if you are looking for a custom-crafted and designed firearm, there is no better NH gunsmith to take your list of desires to than Old Glory Guns & Ammo in Mason, NH.

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