NFA Gun Trusts – What They Are, What They Are Not

Posted by oldglory on July 7, 2015

NFA gun trust from Old GloryIf you are considering purchasing or manufacturing any type of NFA weapons or devices, we here at Old Glory Guns & Ammo, in our continuing quest to be one of the best gun shops in NH, would like to once again express our belief in the extreme importance of setting up an NFA Gun Trust. This type of NFA Trust is a specially created form of legal trust, drafted by an attorney familiar with NFA Gun Trust law, that is meant to establish legal controls and protections for the ownership, manufacture, and acquisition of NFA Weapons.

When it comes to NFA weapons and firearms, you can always expect there to be a lot of red tape. However, that does not mean that it is impossible for you and those you designate to be able to enjoy the possession, or even manufacture, of these types of firearms in NH or any other state. There are attorneys out there who make NFA Gun Trust law their specialty, sometimes even the only element of their business focus! That is because it is very important that these types of NFA trusts be drawn up with exact legal precision in order to best protect your rights and spell out your responsibilities so that you will always know what it takes to be in accordance with all laws pertaining to any firearms or devices you choose to enter into the trust.

On the surface, an NFA Gun Trust is just like any other legal trust in that it takes the form of an estate planning tool where a Grantor creates the Trust which holds the NFA weapons in question, while at the same time assigning a Trustee to hold the legal title to the property until such a time that it might be bestowed upon a Beneficiary. It is important to note that the Grantor can also be the Trustee. These types of trusts will go into much greater detail than simply spelling out the “who gets what” aspect of the estate planning process. Also included will be a multitude of safeguards put in place to help ensure that anyone designated as a Trustee or Beneficiary in the Trust will always have the legal right to possess and use the firearms specified in that Trust. Additionally, further legislative protections are also put in place to help ensure continuing legality should either a Trustee or Beneficiary move to a state with differing laws in regards to the possession and utilization of NFA weapons.

While there is a lot more to what an NFA Gun Trust entails, it is also important to understand what exactly an NFA Gun Trust does not allow one to do. In this realm, there are three very important topics to note. First, an NFA Trust does not allow the possession of any firearm or device anyone would not otherwise be legally able to obtain or possess. Second, they also do not supersede any legal age limitations put in place upon gun usage. Lastly, they do not provide individuals a means of avoiding the $200 tax stamp required for every NFA weapons purchase.

We hope you enjoyed this brief introduction to NFA Gun Trusts! While we are not qualified to give legally actionable advice in this matter, our knowledgeable staff will always be on hand to answer any questions you might have.

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LEGAL DISCLAIMER: Please note that this content is not legal advice and does not constitute as an attorney / client relationship. If you need professional legal advice, please contact an qualified attorney that practices in this field.