M&P Shields… now in Stock!

Posted by oldglory on June 12, 2014

NH gun shop from SLGet them while you can Old Glory Guns & Ammo, a NH gun shop  located at 443 Fitchburg Rd. in Mason, New Hampshire, as they will not last! The M&P Shield, an outstanding firearm offered by Smith & Wesson, has been getting great reviews! It is a slim, concealable, light weight striker fired polymer pistol, which is available in 9 mm and .40 cal S&W. With a 1 inch profile, this firearm is highly concealable and is coupled with features like an 18° grip angle, that we’ve come to know and trust.

Chambered in 9 mm and .40 Smith, this weapon proves to have great stopping power. The frame is a high-impact polymer, while the slide is a coated stainless steel along with the barrel.

With both models boasting a 3.1 inch barrel, the overall length of the firearm is 6.1 inches for both. Weighing in at 19 ounces for an unloaded gun, you will barely know that you have this firearm concealed on your person. The Shield also boasts a 5.3 inch sight radius for smooth target acquisition and fast tracking. Visit a NH gun shop such as Old Glory Guns & Ammo to take a look at these fine firearms. Carrying the Smith and Wesson name means reliability and durability. Nothing beats Smith and Wesson’s lifetime warranty on their firearms. With both models in a compact size, you can rest assured your caring equality firearm at all times. If you are looking for a NH gun shop that is going to take care of you after the sale as well, step into SL gun shop and take a look at the M&P Shield. We even have mass compliant versions of this firearm for Massachusetts residents. If you have any questions give us a call at 603-878-2854.