Ammunition Reloading Made Simple

Posted by oldglory on February 13, 2013

SL gun shop, located in Mason, New Hampshire is a great place to spend a Saturday morning, and even better when they’re offering free classes on reloading ammunition!

SL gun shop, the premiere gun shop in New Hampshire, recently held classes on reloading. On August 11, September 1, and September 15, from 10 AM to 2 PM classes were held at the shop to explain firearms enthusiasts. How easy, and affordable reloading your own ammunition is.

As a child, my father owned a gun shop and supplied all of the local police departments with their ammunition. I used to sit and watch in amazement as his automatic presses made bullet after bullet. You could see the casing enter on the left-hand side of the machine and move through the stages as the machine re-primed, re-sized, added powder, inserted the lead and finally, crimped the casing, sending the finished bullet out the chute, and into a box! I used to watch this for hours and never get tired of it. Shiny bullet after shiny bullet. So, I had a slight interest in learning about reloading, but thought it would be great work to hand press each bullet. I was so very wrong! I sat in on the the first class, and learned so much from Larry, the instructor. He taught us everything from how to clean and size our casings to powder measurement to how to keep a proper reloading manual to document your loads. Everything was covered in this class, including how inexpensive it is to reload your own ammunition. Once you purchase the initial materials and equipment, a single bullet will cost you pennies. Reloading 9 mm ammunition is around eight cents a round. You can’t beat that with a stick! We had approximately 10 people in our class, and everyone got a hands-on if they so chose to reload a bullet. I reloaded a rifle bullet and was amazed how easy was pulled pressed down pushed bullet into the casing, thus completing the process. Larry was very informative, and answered all questions. SL gun shop is an amazing gun store. They have everything from firearms to ammunition to accessories. Along with a complete gunsmithing operation, if you want to know more about anything related to firearms or reloading, I suggest you call SL gun shop in Mason, New Hampshire at 603-878-2854 or find them on the web at