Gun Knowledge Is Gun Safety: Let Us Help You!

Posted by oldglory on November 26, 2014

NH gun shop from Old GloryIf you were to go into any other NH gun shop, (or MA gun shop if you happen to be a fan of paying sales tax), you would inevitably be presented with the perception that all those who sell firearms and firearm accessories know everything there is to know about guns and gun safety. The sad reality of the situation is that not all of them do. For many shops, the epitome of gun safety might be limited to “just don’t point it at anyone”, but not at Old Glory Guns & Ammo! While this is certainly great advice, there are many more components to the issue of gun safety than that alone – and we pride ourselves on knowing all we can about how to safely handle, transport, and work on any and all firearms we sell.

Old Glory Guns & Ammo is the premier NH gun shop. Part of that reputation was built upon our commitment to promoting a culture of gun safety. What we mean by this is that our priorities don’t end with the promotion of the safe handling of guns within our building, not by a long shot. We want our customers to both feel safe and act safely whenever and wherever they might find themselves around guns. To do that, we gladly put our considerable gun expertise at the service of our customers. Whatever your question may be, regardless of what type of weapon it concerns, our commitment to firearms safety drives us to make sure you know everything you need to know about your guns.

After all, when a gun carrier is properly informed of how to safely handle and maintain their weapon, the end result is that everyone else around them also becomes safer. This is the culture of gun safety that Old Glory Guns & Ammo is committed to maintaining. If you agree with us that the more a gun owner knows about their weapons the better, than come on down to our shop in Mason, NH! We would love to share our gun-related expertise with you, and while you are here, don’t forget that we are also the best place to purchase or sell guns in New Hampshire or Massachusetts.

Call us at 603-878-2854, or drop by 443 Fitchburg Road in Mason, NH. We are open 7 days a week to help you feel confident in the safety of your firearms!