Firearm transfers…

Posted by oldglory on July 17, 2013


Yes we can! Old Glory Guns & Ammo, located in Mason, New Hampshire, can easily transfer your firearms purchases to a MA residents. Our Staff is very well-versed in Massachusetts firearms laws, so if you have a question about compliancy on a firearm that you are thinking about purchasing, we can answer all of your questions here. Our seasoned team of veteran gun enthusiasts on staff addresses this situation on a daily basis, as we are one of the busiest firearms sellers in the area.


We opened our in business since 1998, selling thousands of firearms to gun enthusiasts across New England and the US. We have built a great reputation with many manufacturers, so if there is something you are looking for in particular, give us a call and we can see if we can find it for you. We have a pretty darn good success rate, and very competitive pricing. If you own firearms that you need serviced, or maintained, give us a call at 603-878-2854, or bring them in, and one of our three gunsmiths on staff will take care of your firearm. Also, if the finish on your firearm is becoming worn due to age or holster wear, we can provide you with a very durable, high quality replacement finish known as “Duracoat”. This resin-based finish is available in over 200 standard colors, and can be mixed to make any color in the spectrum, again, applied by one of our Duracoat certified gunsmiths. So, whether you want to finish your Remington 1100 in a woodland pattern, your AR-15 in blued steel or camo gray, or your wife wants her Glock 26 a ‘pretty pink’, we can accommodate you! Our experts will take good care of you is just over the state line in Mason New Hampshire. Give us a call or stop in at 443 Fitchburg Rd.