And The Most Popular Firearm In The USA Is…

Posted by oldglory on February 27, 2015

Gun shop in NH from Old GloryWith the close of the year 2014 comes the opportunity to examine all of the available market statistics for the year that is now officially part of the history books. Here at Old Glory Guns & Ammo, the premier gun shop in NH or MA, we found ourselves pondering a rather interesting question – what, exactly, was the most popular firearm sold in 2014? What we mean is, which firearm, of any make and model, sold the most units in the calendar year 2014? Well after extensive market research, we have come to the same conclusion as several other sources, and the winner is…

The “little black rifle” – the legendary AR-15!

Rising from obscurity to fill the void left behind when the Pentagon decided to replace the M14, the AR-15 rifle was designed by a man named Eugene Stoner – and it was vastly different from just about every other service rifle available at the time. Built out of plastic and forged aluminum, this weapon utilized a direct impingement gas operating system, and was designed to fire a 5.56x45mm cartridge. It arrived on the scene to a rocky start, with its use in Vietnam leading to many complaints about its reliability. These complaints were eventually turned into design modifications, and from the ashes of a controversial reception, the AR-15 has grown to become one of the most iconic American firearms.

So widespread is the love of this firearm, that an interested firearms enthusiast would be hard-pressed to go into any NH gun shop or MA gun shop and not find some form of AR-15 merchandise, whether it would be the rifle itself, or accessories for it.

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