Meet the Staff

At Old Glory Guns and Ammo, we believe good business is about good people!  Our staff aren’t just helpful and friendly; they are knowledgeable and passionate about the products we sell.  Even though they deal with firearms and accessories day in and day out, they have just as much fun selling them to you as you do buying them!

Eric Rantamaki

Eric is the lead gunsmith here at Old Glory and has been with us since the beginning in 2014. He worked as a gunsmith 7 years professionally prior to Old Glory. Though Eric is very rarely ever seen out in the store rest assured he is very busy with customer firearm repairs or new custom firearm builds in the workshop out back. Count yourself lucky if you get the rare opportunity to speak to Eric in person or catch a glimpse of him out in the store. Eric lives in Mason with his Wife Melissa where he is a Deputy Chief on the Volunteer Fire Department. Eric’s hobbies include 2 dogs, music, evening classes, making custom pens and don’t forget his 4 goats!


Ron Legros

Ron has been with Old Glory since 2015. Ron proudly served in the United States Navy from 1962-1966, and then worked with the U.S Postal Service until 2004. He worked at Blue Northern Trading Company until 2015 before Joining us. Ron is fondly known here as “The Old Man”, as you will or may already have seen from his name tag. Ron is a friendly guy with loads of wisdom to share. When Ron isn’t working with customers, he can be found stocking more ammo on the shelves, or carefully going through forms to make sure everything is in order for the ATF. Ron Lives in Fitchburg with his wife Elly. When he is not        working, he’s most likely cutting wood on his property or going for a long walk to get the exercise his doctor tells him he should get!


Joe Bairos

Joe Has been with us since March of 2019. Joe is an Air Force veteran. He retired from Massachusetts Department Of Corrections after 33 years of service. Joe works hard in our shipping area on making sure our outgoing products are packed securely and taking the postal packages to the post office. Once he has finished with the shipping, Joe can be found out in the store happily working with customers. A friendly and helpful guy, we only wish he was here with us more than 2 days a week. Joe is Married with 4 children and 4 grandchildren.  He enjoys riding his Harley and hanging out with family and friends when he’s not working at the shop!


Fred Lavenski

Fred joined our team in April 2018. He is a certified combat pistol and basic safety instructor, retired from a 32-year career as a law enforcement professional and served in the U.S. Army as an Infantry NCO.  Fred is most often found working in the repair shop or in our Cerakote room doing repairs, cleaning firearms or doing firearm customizations. When he isn’t in the shops out back Fred can be found in the store, with Armorer Certifications from several weapons manufacturers He is knowledgeable and very willing to help anyone make that decision on which firearm it the right one. Fred has been Married for 33 years to the same beautiful woman and has 3 amazing children. An avid Metal Detector, Fred enjoys spending his spare time out in the woods of New England searching for old cellar holes.





Dalton Couture

Dalton has been with us since March of 2020, he has been involved in the customer service industry since 2013. Dalton does most of our product receiving. When He isn’t in receiving or helping a customer Dalton can be found stocking items that may have run low, making room for new inventory that may have just come in or reorganizing displays and just making sure the store is in tip top order, He is a hard worker that never stops. Dalton is also very knowledgeable about the majority of our products and can answer almost any questions you may have about a certain firearm or accessory. In his free time, he is either shooting or going paintballing.


Tim Schroth

Tim is part time here at Old Glory, but he is a big part of the sales staff. Tim can be found working with customers in the store on Saturdays, always helpful in not just selecting the right firearm but also with helping find any accessories you may need to go with it. Tim’s extensive work history includes 10 years in the firearms industry, roofing material sales, automotive service and trucking. Tim lives in Townsend, MA with his wife. They have a son and two daughters that are 27, 25 and 21. In the small amount of time that Tim is NOT working he enjoys shooting & reloading, golf and an occasional cigar on the porch.


Joe Thibault

Joe is our youngest team member and fondly called Little Joe.  Joe joined us at Old Glory in July 2021. He started on as a grounds keeper and has now become our all around “Man Friday” Always happy to help wherever he is needed. He is most often in the workshop out back cleaning firearms or making calls to customers letting them know their firearms are ready to be picked up. When needed, he is also in the store with the big bright smile working with customers. Outside of work, he is a Junior in High School who enjoys shooting, reading history and spending time with his family, his dog and friends.

Bryan Clayton, Old Glory Guns and Ammo manager. Bryan Has been Old Glory since August of 2022. Bryan has been a business owner of several companies and is a medically retired United States Marine Corps veteran. Bryan also has many years of managing for several companies.

Bryan Clayton

Bryan Clayton, Old Glory Guns and Ammo manager. Bryan Has been Old Glory since August of 2022. Bryan has been a business owner of several companies and is a medically retired United States Marine Corps veteran. Bryan also has many years of managing for several companies. Bryan’s hobbies are building ARs, making knives, working on jeeps at his shop with his jeep club, hunting large and small game, and fishing.

Luke Aukstikalnis

Mike Matteson