Meet the Staff

At Old Glory Guns and Ammo we believe good business is about good people!  Our staff aren’t just helpful and friendly; they are knowledgeable and passionate about the products we sell.  Even though they deal with firearms and accessories day in and day out, they most likely have just as much fun selling them to you as you do buying them!


NAME: Doug Young

Doug is the Sales Manager here at Old Glory.  He was in the Food Service industry for 32 years prior to entering the Firearms Industry in 2012.  Doug enjoys motorcycle riding, sleep time & warm summer walks on the beach with his wife Dorothy.  Doug and Dorothy have no children…other than their cats!






NAME: Alan Ryll

Alan Ryll was a Snap-on Tools Franchise Owner for 22 years prior to joining the sales staff here at Old Glory.  Alan lives in West Chesterfield with his wife Kelly, they have 2 children and 4 grandchildren.  During his off time Alan enjoys camping and traveling to warm places in the winter.





NAME: Eric Rantamaki

Eric has worked as a gunsmith 8 years professionally.  Divorced, civically minded, Volunteer Firefighter in Mason.  Eric’s hobbies include 2 dogs, music, evening classes at school, and don’t forget his 2 goats!








NAME: Tim Schroth

Tim is part time here at Old Glory but is a big part of the Sales Staff.  Tim lives in Townsend, MA with his wife.  They have a son and two daughters that are 27, 25 & 21.  His work history includes 10 years in the firearms industry, roofing material sales, automotive service and trucking.  In the small amount of time Tim is NOT working he enjoys shooting & reloading, golf and an occasional cigar on the porch.




NAME: Dan Barker

Dan lives in Gardner, MA with his wife Doreen and boys Levi & Devin.  Full time he has been a cabinet maker and installer for 10 plus years working for himself, Old Colonial Woodcraft & Woodmeister.  He is currently an engineer working with CAD software to develop architectual and fabrication drawings for high end residential projects.  Dan is an avid shooter and participates in USPSA Action Shooting, is a musician, Pop Warner football coach has been working with us at Old Glory since we opened.  We appreciate Dan’s extra help with our Facebook posts!



NAME: Dana Ryll

Previous to owning Old Glory Guns & Ammo, Dana spent over 25 years with Snap On Tools. He has been a firearms enthusiast and collector for his whole life. In 2014 he realized his dream of being in the gun business when he and his wife Becky purchased State Line and transformed it into Old Glory. Dana is always searching for exciting new products to expand what Old Glory offers or working in partnership with his vendors in order to provide his customers with exclusive deals that they can’t get elsewhere. You’ll see the influence of Dana’s days running a tool truck when you come in the shop – don’t forget to look up or you might miss some of the many different products for sale!